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The Childrens class is an very popular class. Childrens classes are held in the afternoon after school hours, and are divided by ages (5 – 7 years and 8 years and over). In addition we also run youth classes for 12 – 16 years.

There are usually at least 2 instructors on the mats with the kids. Safety and respect for the coaches and friends are very important, and a key aspect of what is learned. 

Jiu-Jitsu brings a lot of benefits for children including self-confidence, self-control and discipline, as well as learning an effective skill that they will always have. They have a lot of fun doing this, all the while exercising.

Classes run twice a week and are 45 minutes in duration.

Kids always have fun and learn a lot and they will take the gains made with them for their whole life.

For more information email contact@carlsongraciebjj.co.nz, or call Jose on 02102304516.

Childrens Classes 2017

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