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Grading Tonight 23/03/2015.

By Carlson Gracie NZ Jiu Jitsu | In News | on March 3, 2015

Great training and grading with the team tonight, good to see the dedication of everyone involved. Fantastic turnout, good to see you all at the gym for a day that was important for the team.

The level of Jiu Jitsu at Carlson Gracie New Zealand is forever growing, and will continue to reach great heights with dedication and continued training by all team members.
Remember you are not just training for yourself, but you are part of a team, no one can train Jiu Jitsu alone.

We had a big night tonight. Congratulations to all those who were graded. In particular Ben Boyce who received his Brown belt; Richard Van Nieuwkoop, Rodrigo Mazola, and Jim McCaffery who all received their Purple belts.

A lot of personal responsibility going forward, and the expectation is that everyone is attending training as much as possible.

Well done guys! Great work, and we will see you all at training tomorrow.




As you probably noticed we had a photographer in tonight, we have got some amazing photos and will share some of these once they are ready.

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